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 We take pride in our programs, projects and initiatives. Our goal is to deliver programs that are designed to value the creativity  of  our members and to promote wellness, education, social recreation and innovation. 

 We invite all nursing professionals to join and benefit the access to our programs. Most of our programs are free. Please check out our calendar. 

INA Programs
Nursing Hob
INA is a  hub where we nurture the creativity and passion of our members through our recreational programs in arts, sports, dancing and more. We dare our nursing team members to do what they love to do, their hobbies,talents and enrich life with exciting activities together. It's about fun.

We would like to invite all nursing professional members to participate in implementing these great activities. 

Volunteer and help make it happen. 
We welcome ideas, suggestions and requests.

Together we share, grow, learn, laugh and create the innovative world of nursing professionals.

To join our volunteer group or send us message please contact us by phone or fill up the form. 

We look forward to connect with you.

Community Gigs
We ensure that our members have the chance to enjoy the spirit of each season together. We endorse socializing and provide opportunities for networking among our nursing professionals.
INA delivers workshops, presentation, group discussion and seminars focus on empowering our nursing professional members.
INA emphasize on topics related to nursing registration pathways and self care among nursing professionals.

Empowering Nursing Program
Volunteer Program