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Associate, integrate, engage and empower international nursing professionals.
Welcome to International Nursing Alliance
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International Nursing Alliance is a not for profit nursing organization dedicated to connect, support, engage and empower our nursing professionals from all over the world. 

Together we will build, indulge, explore, grow and fulfill our mission vision. 

Our values are embedded in our mission

To embrace diversity

To promote fraternity


To uphold the dignity of our nursing professional members.

Our Vision

United and empowered nursing alliance creating our innovative world.

To open a chapter in your region please contact us.

It's about time to show we care about the people behind nursing.
We invite all nursing professionals to make a difference.
Create INA hub in your area. Envision and make it happen. 

We welcome all nursing professionals including Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Internationally Educated Nurse, Care Aide, Nursing Assistant, Support Worker, Retired Nurse and Nursing Student.

We assist our nursing members develop and implement focused career planning. We offer services that facilitate integration to the nursing workforce. 

We open the portals where our nursing professional members have the opportunity to participate, create, be involved and evolve beyond nursing

We deliver programs designed to promote education, wellness, social recreation, professional growth and innovation. 
Our Key Initiatives